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104 Main Street
Collinsville, CT  06019
Takeout: 860-693-8010
Catering: 860-805-6899


LaSalle Market once known as Keney Market operated as a small traditional grocery setting; serving breakfast and deli sandwiches, donuts and candy and provided a variety of local newspapers. The name changed when a family member from LaSalle Market of LaSalle Road in West Hartford purchased the business and changed the name to LaSalle Market.
The name LaSalle remained when it was later purchased by John Rainey who refined the business into more of a restaurant setting. Over time the menu expanded as well as additions to the business such as music and catering. After nine years of service John sold the business to Scott Kaminski and Eileen O'Connor-Kaminski.

History of LaSalle Market Collinsville, CT


An idea had come to Eileen that it was time to leave her health care career of many years take her talents and work ethic and jump into a new field of work being the restaurant business. Her family was not quite sure what or why she was doing this but vocalized their support just the same. Eileen has been quoted of this being her first real "leap of faith" within her life.

Eileen's parents instilled in their children of seven: treat others the way you want to be treated and take pride in your work. Eileen tries hard to bring and implement this knowledge into LaSalle everyday.

Scott having a successful home improvement business of his own agreed to give his support by providing his wisdom and skill with maintenance issues, structural changes and renovations. During the process of purchasing the business he remembers being surprised to see Eileen actually using a book given as a joke from him called "Restaurant for Dummies".


kaminski Family CTScott and Eileen have four children. Three of these children worked with the former owner John Rainey. Some people may say wow what a coincidence but Eileen believes it was always part of the divine plan.

When the business changed hands their daughter Katie visited from her home in Vermont with a swaddling baby on her back and helped to provide insight of recipes on the menu, helped her mom acclimate to her new environment and showed staff techniques of running the line.

Their daughter Jessie agreed to leave her Insurance position and return to manage LaSalle's front of the house. Jessie has been known and loved by many for years at LaSalle and they were happy to know she was coming back. Some customers actually watched her grow from a young girl into a beautiful woman right before their eyes. Jessie's responsibilities are to numerous to mention but she does it all with her own style and grace. Eileen considers her a backbone to the business and enjoys watching her in action.

Their son Ian who had been working in a broadcasting career also agreed to accept a position at LaSalle as a line cook and pizza maker. Ian had started as a dishwasher for John and then learned how to prep foods, make pizza and work on the line. Ian now manages the line and all its responsibilities, and takes part in promoting the catering side of the business. Ian is quite a character full of charm and charisma.

Jessie and Ian are an integral part of LaSalle Market. They use their talents from the knowledge they learned along the way. They are both gifted and have a dedicated work ethic. Who knows what they desire in their future but they could be the next regime to carry on. Jessie and Ian have made many changes within their departments to help the business grow and become more productive and are constantly searching for new products to satisfy their customer's needs and desires.

Their eldest daughter Sarah resides in Canton her hands full raising her babies with hopes to resume her education career all in due time. She does her best to provide her parents and siblings with emotional support whenever she can for she is witness to an operation that is open seven days a week. Sarah sees the dedication her family gives to LaSalle. She is proud of them for their accomplishments and what LaSalle Market offers to the community. Sarah knows they have made LaSalle a better and healthier place for everyone.