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The Market Gallery

“The Market Gallery” obtained its formal name in 2012 when a group of artists gathered and wanted to change LaSalle's "free-for-all" and haphazard approach to displaying artist's works to more of a Gallery approach to showcasing artwork.

Eileen's only requirement was that the works of art needed to be appropriate for a family atmosphere and that a 20% commission from each piece sold would go towards substance abuse prevention programs. LaSalle Market would not profit from the sale of the artwork. Eileen and the artists worked together to create a format which artists would follow when being considered to display their artwork on the walls of LaSalle.

Each showing consists of three months with a designated wall for each artist and one theme wall for all artists to share which usually relates to a holiday or theme idea within their scheduled quarter.

tomCameronArtists initially contact Tom Cameron This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who reviews a potential candidate. He then shares the submissions with the rest of the gallery members who decide what might work best for the venue. If necessary, Eileen is consulted for the final word and makes sure that artists are aware she cannot be held responsible for damaged or stolen goods. Eileen deeply feels so sad when an item is taken without permission and wishes the sinner could realize how many people have been hurt by their poor judgement or deceitful lifestyle.

There is an initial hanging fee of $10 per month that goes to The New Horizons Living Center, Inc. Their web site is

Art transactions happen at the register. The artist is then notified of the sale and is encouraged to add another masterpiece to their space while donating 20% from each sale to the preventions programs.

Other art works can also be found within LaSalle, including pottery, wind chimes, blown glass, and woven hats and cloth work.

The Market Gallery helps to promote LaSalle by showing local works of art which provide a homey atmosphere and allows wonderful gifts to be purchased which in turn supports the artists and the prevention programs. Buy Local!