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Open-Mic-Night @ LaSalle's "Please note that there will be no Open Mic on August 4, 2017."

LaSalle has had an Open-Mic-Night for over 10 years. Things really didn't get started however until Andre Balazs and Eileen sat outside with their dogs one evening in April of 2007. They discussed how to turn a normal Friday night into a memorable music experience. Eileen agreed to hire Andre to be the host and he in turn would bring his keyboard and sound system and run the Open-Mic. Eileen added an oriental carpet and gave Andre a blank playlist for the musicians. The saying goes, "If you build it they will come" ... and they did ... the list has been full for years.

In 2010 Andre passed the host rains over to Con Doty and Eric Paradine. Eileen with the help of Con added her own sound system and also had help from Frank Molnar, a welder friend, who mounted the speakers to the beams. The hosts make sure everything is all set for the musicians, all they need to do is bring their voice and instruments. Con and Eric help the musicians as well as the audience make every newcomer feel right at home. Con says, "The atmosphere just can't be copied, it is what it is."

Sometimes people take the mic and share a poem or a comedy act but 99% of the time its Music, Music, Music. LaSalle is filled with musicians and people who have come to listen. Sometimes the musician's rally around the one who is playing, then you have a full band for a few songs. Sometimes Eileen even gets up and plays percussion with her kielbasa which was a gift from Pauly-Paul Tieger.

Paul jumped in with an idea a few years back and helped to raise money for the prevention and education of drug substance abuse (something Eileen is always working on) and made a CD with the super talented Open-Micers and it has been selling for $10.

These proceeds have supported Project Graduation and assembly speakers for Canton High School, as well as private individuals paying rent for sober house living, group therapy sessions, and education classes.

On the back wall you can see pictures of the Open-Mic musicians which was created especially for them and periodically gets updated with photos of newcomers.

During the summer nights the musicians are outside playing on the sidewalks, at tables or on stairs just to play or warming up for their performance. The back of the dining room looks like the green room with guitars and cases strewn about. In the soda aisle more warm ups are taking place. Its Music, Music, and Music!!!

Another highlight of the night of course is great food at reasonable prices as well as the choice of having a beer, glass of wine or a frozen cocktail. All served by LaSalle's classy and sassy staff members.

How to Sign Up for the Open MIc:

Here's how to sign up for the open mic. Call Friday promptly at 1:30pm 860 693 8010. You may have to redail a number of times to get through. We have eleven call-in slots. You can also come to LaSalle's on Friday promplty at 5pm and choose from seven walk-in slots. There are five alternate slots and if time allows we will do our best to get you up and playing. Each slot is normally 2 songs or ten minutes whichever comes first.


If You Love MUSIC and You're looking for some FUN, Open-Mic Night at LaSalle is Something You Really Want to Experience. It could become part of your weekly routine.